A holistic business shift

Together we’re stronger - how we collaborated with City of Sydney to build digital capacity of 2SER 107.3, 107 Projects and Limelight Magazine at a pivotal time.

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It’s March 2020 and half of our slate is evaporating as events, festivals and TV productions are getting shut down daily. Some truly exciting plans laid to rest in a string of emails. In the middle of a tailspin about work, life and the fate of the human race, I stumbled on an article from Fast Company 15/04/20 -  


“Crises are also great accelerators. They force organizations to transform faster toward their own future. This global pandemic isn’t a short-term emergency; it is a long-term shift in how businesses operate.”


A light bulb switched on, albeit a small pilot light. We can help! We have a team of available communication experts and some time on our hands. A social post from City of Sydney Deputy Lord Mayor and author of Glimpses of Utopia: Ideas for a fairer world, Jess Scully - highlighted the city’s COVID response grants, the final piece of the puzzle at the exact right time!


After a competitive grant round, we won support from City of Sydney, and set about becoming a circuit breaker to the turbulence that creative and entertainment industries were experiencing as their incomes dried up overnight. Let’s face it, the sector was not in great shape before the pandemic!

“Ernst & Young survey of the media and entertainment landscape found that 50% of respondents no longer believe they can continue with traditional business models with 28% conceding that their operations must change – but do not know what to prioritise.”

The Drum.com 08/01/2020


To have maximum impact we chose three organisations that are hubs for many different creative organisations and community groups - 2SER 107.3 , 107 Projects and Limelight Magazine. If we could help these organisations in some way to stay viable, this would be the best-case scenario for not just them, but many creatives on the other side of whatever this period is.


“This is an opportunity for brands across verticals to capitalize on the shift from products to content, from physical stores to virtual membership, from transactions to inspiration, from buying to socializing. Brands should consider it a necessary—and holistic—business adjustment.” 

Fast Company 15/04/2020


To make a holistic business adjustment, you need good data and insights drawn through the lens of experienced eyes. This is exactly what we set out to do, by providing Digital Audits for the partner organisations and their management teams.

The Challenge:

  • Pivot to digital (quickly!) - identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to grow online audiences

  • Audience engagement - identify opportunities to connect and engage 

  • Increase financial viability - recommend areas to launch or grow revenue streams and reduce expenses


The Process:

  • Interview - identify goals and challenges unique to each organisation

  • Digital Audit - review all available channels, data and metrics

  • Presentation - insights and recommendations to future proof 

The Outcome:

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The Digital Audit gave us an insight into the strength of our market position and the need for us to implement more targeted analytics to track conversions across our site, as well as guidance and advice on how to enhance our site's performance.

Cara Anderson, General Manager, Limelight


Decode Media recently delivered a pro-bono digital audit of 2SER's online platforms, resulting in valuable insights and recommendations. In particular I was impressed with the company's ability to quickly gain an understanding of the unique operating environment and challenges facing our station, and respond with potentially transformative recommendations.

Martin Walters, Managing Director, 2SER

These digital audits and case study were made possible with the support of